What We Do


All piers are through bolted and have double beam stringer construction for durable structural integrity and storm resistance. All of our pilings are power driven, even through wetlands grass areas. All pilings are driven a minimum of eight to twelve feet into the ground dependent upon location. All wood materials are pressure treated for the appropriate exposure.

Concrete Docks

Concrete Docks are precast reinforced concrete sections that are on wood timbers.


Traditional wood or vinyl sheet pile construction that protects your property by preventing erosion. It also enhances the value of your land, adding clean lines to your shore line.


We at B.F. Warren & Sons use Tide Tamer Boatlifts.  Their lifts are capable of withstanding 4500-120,000 lb.  The lifts are available in all stainless steel and aluminum construction. All lifts are custom designed to suit your specific needs. Upon request, remote switches, auto stops, and other accessories are available.